Menu 2020

Daily Specials

Monday - Ham and Swiss Grilled Cheese Platter

Tuesday - Turkey Roll Platter

Wednesday - Roast Beef Burger Platter

Thursday- Lunch Special: Specialty Quiche Dinner

                                                                  Supper Special: Changes weekly, check out Facebook for update!

Friday - Lunch Special: Grilled Fish Burger Platter

              Supper Special: Beans and Salad Supper

Daily specials served with your choice of : soup, salad, fries or twice baked potato, and drink - $11.99

Supper special starts at 4:00 pm on Thursday and Fridays: Includes meal, drink and a dessert- $12.99

Grilled Sandwich Platters

Grilled Cheese Platter - $8.99                                                         Ham and Swiss Grilled platter - $8.99   

Apple Bacon Caramel Grilled Cheese platter - $10.99              Potato World Grilled Cheese Platter - $10.99 

Donair Grilled Cheese Platter  - $10.99                                        Philly Steak Grilled Cheese Platter - $10.99


Burger Platters

Hamburger Platter - $9.99                        Cheese  Burger Platter - $10.50                   Bacon Cheese Burger Platter - $10.99

Low Carb Platter -  $9.99                           Grilled Chicken Burger Platter - $10.99     Veggie Burger Platter - $10.99

Potato World Burger Platter - $11.99       Hot Dog Platter - $6.99                                 Red Hot Dog Platter - $7.99


Served with your choice of: soup. salad, fries, or twice baked potato 


Individual Burger

Regular - $5.99                                              Cheeseburger- $6.75

Bacon Cheese- $7.50                                      Low Carb- $6.99

Grilled Chicken- $7.50                                   Hot Dog- $3.00

Veggie Burger- $7.50                                     Red Hot Dog- $3.50

Potato World Burger- $8.25

(Burger, Potato World Specialty Sauce, Seasoned Potato Slice, Cheese and Bacon)


Roasted Garlic-                                                 Sm~ $5.00             Lg~ $5.75

Sweet Potato-                                                   Sm~ $5.00             Lg~ $5.75

Regular-                                                              Sm~ $4.00            Lg~ $5.00

Homemade Curly-                                            Sm~ $5.00            Lg~ $6.00

Poutine-                                                              Sm~ $6.99            Lg~ $7.99

Cajun-                                                                  Sm~ $5.00            Lg~ $5.75

Herb and Parmesan-                                        Sm~ $5.00            Lg~ $5.75

Hamburger Poutine-                                        Sm~ $7.99             Lg~ $8.99

Philly Steak Poutine-                                       Sm~ $7.99             Lg~ $8.99

Outbacka-                                                          Sm~ $6.99             Lg~ $7.99

(Cheese and bacon melted on top)

Donair Poutine-                                                 Sm~ $7.99             Lg~$8.99

(Donair meat, donair sauce, mozza cheese, and gravy)

Homemade Potato Wedges-                           Sm~ $7.99             Lg~$8.50

(Served with cheese and bacon melted on top with salsa and sour cream on the side)


Aioli, Parmesan/Peppercorn, Siracha Mayo, Parmesan and Herb, Chipotle, Andalouse


Greek ~$7.99



Chef~ $8.99


Baked Potato Soup~ $5.99

Corn Chowder~ $5.99

(Wed, Thurs, Fri)


Iced Fries~ $3.99

(Chocolate or Caramel)

New York Cheesecake~ $4.49

Chocolate Potato Cake~ $3.50

Ice Cream~ Sm $3.00     Lg $4.00


Pop~ $1.50

Tea or Coffee~$1.50

French Vanilla Iced Coffee~$2.00

Chocolate/White Milk~$2.00

Pink Lemonade~$1.50

Potato Smoothie~$4.99

Iced Tea~$1.50

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is served Monday to Friday from 9:00-11:00


Eggs, toast, homefries with choice of bacon, ham or sausage


Eastern Sandwich and homefries


Western Sandwich and homefries


French Toast (3 slices) served with homemade maple syrup


*all breakfast meals served with choice of tea, coffee, apple juice or orange juice*

Side Orders

Toast-  $2.25      Side of bacon, ham or sausage- $2.00    Milk White/Choc- $2.00

Thank you for your business and dining with us!